So, the holidays are over and everyone is headed back to work/school/ the inferno and I’m back on a normal posting schedule as of this week.  At the moment though, I have a question to the internet and all you lovely people on it. I got an e-reader for Christmas, a nice one too, and I’m wondering if anyone else thinks that it would be a better strategy for publishers to offer their e-books at a fairly steep discount to their print books.

An example here: I was looking at the book that comes before one of my review books so that I could read them in order, the publisher had set the price as $6.99 for the e-version as opposed to $7.99 for the print.   Had it been something like half the print price I’d have bought it right then, as is I’ll probably wind up ordering it from one of the local stores.

I’m interested in you guys’ thoughts on this.  So, talk to me, should e-books be less expensive than print books?