This is the first book that the nice people over at netGalley accepted my request to read and review.  It is published by Red Sage Publishing’s Red Sage Presents imprint and was released on the first of this month.  So, with nothing left to add, here’s the review.

Lilly Cain’s Novella Building Magic introduces her readers to Sa’Harin the world of dragons.  Her heroine Tina Moreland has developed a bit of a peeking habit.  When the object of her new hobby starts doing something really strange one day she finds herself thrown into a world of magic, dragons, and hot sex.

The two main characters are written as being definite, solid examples of what is good in the world.  Tina is intelligent, good hearted, and comparatively weak.  She’s put into the damsel in distress position almost immediately, but that makes sense because she’s human.  Devin is sex incarnate, an alpha male hero with a quick temper and the determination to save his clan.  He is unquestionably the good guy. He’s heroic if a little hard headed, strong if somewhat temperamental, and all kinds of dedicated.

This is definitely a melodrama the hero is as good as good can be, the villain is evil enough to sacrifice anything for power, and there is nothing in between.  It is also bite sized, and at a hundred and twelve pages it feels a little rushed towards the end.  Little is done with most of the minor characters, so I’m hoping that if Cain writes more in Sa’Harin they will be given more attention.  There were a couple of plot holes that bother me, but the magic allows them to be shrugged off.  If I find more by this author I’d probably read it, but I don’t think I’m going to seek out her other works.