What’s this?  Another review? Why yes it is.  I’m going to see what I can do about posting more regularly than once every two weeks, but no less often than that.  In celebration, there is this.

Alex Kava’s Black Friday is the kind of book that makes the blurb seem totally inadequate.  It starts slow but steadily builds upon itself.  Everything is nice and normal for the five college students who enter that mall on the day after Thanksgiving.  They just plan on causing a little ruckus, but little do they know that they have been duped in to carrying out a massive terrorist plot.  But surely with Agent O’Dell on the case everything will be fine, right?  Even with her temporary boss playing politics and seemingly pushing her to fail?  Even when one of the students is her own brother?

It has become a given for me that Maggie O’Dell will be not only an awesome tough girl lead, but also as effective as any other agent in the series.  But it is also a given that, at some point in the story, Kava is going to hit her main character with something emotionally off putting.  That at some point in the story something bad will happen to someone or something that O’Dell cares about so that she will be just that little bit off balance for the rest of the novel.  In this case having her half-brother involved in the bombing and a new boss were great ways to split O’Dell’s focus, and they lasted for the entire novel.

My only big complaint with Black Friday is that the meetings between O’Dell and Nick Morrelli are starting to feel really contrived.  At this rate by the tenth book he’s going to have left law enforcement entirely and will wind up as a plumber fixing O’Dell’s drain while she saves the day.