It seemed like a decent idea to go ahead and post another review, since this is new and fairly empty.  So I went through my bookshelf for a novel that I remembered really enjoying, something that wasn’t the first in the series but also contributed to my wanting to read the first two books just to get to it.  It was a pretty easy choice:

I started reading Tanya Huff’s Confederation novels a while back after picking up the omnibus of the first two novels.  The world was fantastic, the characters were believable, and Kerr was just all kinds of awesome.  I must admit that I was a little hesitant in reading Heart of Valor because of the return of Craig Ryder, the stubborn love interest from the previous book, he seemed a little unnecessary in that capacity.

After fighting the Silsviss and exploring Big Yellow, Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is the talk of the station.  Understandably she finds this tiring and when offered a chance to temporarily escape, she jumps at it.  It is supposed to be glorified babysitting on a training planet, what’s the worst that can happen?  They hit dirt and the fun starts, the officer in command is struck ill, the simulation goes off program, and now the shots are all for real.  What follows is the sci-fi deliciousness that I have come to expect from this series and the awesome writing that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Huff.  That is, until the ending which felt a bit rushed, like there should have been more but she ran out of time.

Gunnery Sergeant Kerr is the same brave, somewhat snarky marine from the first two books.  The non-Kerr marines remain believably human, with individual quirks and habits.  The di’Taykan still want to sex everyone, the Krai still find almost everything edible, and anyone can still die.  I look quite forward to reading the fourth novel.