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Shamrock Dice

Check it out, I’ve got another set of dice to show you all. I ordered these a little late in the month but, I’m still excited for them. This set is a Dice Envy exclusive and you can find them here. On to the review though. Enjoy!

Shamrock Dice 1

Check it out, Shamrock dice featuring Celtic knots on the highest numbered sides and four leaf clovers on all the others. Exception given here to the d4 because d4 are a little odd.

I haven’t done a great job of capturing the color here, but I really love the green on green here. The main color of the dice is a sort of olive green with the numbers and decorations done in a lighter almost spring green. It’s a good combination that reads really well for rolling. The paint can be a little over filled on some numbers, but it still looks good.

Shamrock Dice 3

Now, something really interesting to me here is how the decorations are done. This is the first set of dice I’ve gotten where there’s anything other than the numbers engraved into them. So it feels a little odd to have the shamrocks engraved in as well. Since I’m not used to it it feels weird, but I do want to check out other dice that have engraved details. It seems like a nifty touch that would keep the decorations intact over a long time of play while also keeping the dice balanced.

Shamrock Dice 2

I’m definitely looking forward to playing with these. The look nice, they feel interesting, and I just like looking at them. So the Dice Envy Shamrock Dice get top marks. Five out of five.


Odd Voice Out Giveaway

So, my review of Fallow Heart went live yesterday. Here’s where the fun comes in for you guys. I’ve got an ebook copy each of both K. C. Finn’s Fallow Heart and Kell Cowley’s Shrinking Sinking Land up for grabs to two lucky winners. On top of that I’m trying something new, this time I’m trying out rafflecopter, so that means plenty of choices for entering.

Odd Voice Out Giveaway

The giveaway is going to run from today until April the fourth.

Since these are Ebooks winners do not have to be from the US. Though the winners will need to be comfortable with my sharing their email with Odd Voice Out.

So, check it out and have a great weekend!

I return! This is one of the books from Odd Voice Out’s Kickstarter back in December and I was lucky enough to be invited to review it. So with a big thanks to the awesome folks at Odd Voice Out publishing, here is K. C. Finn’s Fallow Heart. Enjoy!


Lorelai Blake was on the way to work when she was attacked by the creature with the massive antlers and breath that stank of rotting meat. She should have died. With something demonic growing within her and a murderer on the loose Lori will have to learn everything she can about what’s happened to her. Will she decide if she can trust the organization that supposedly treats conditions like hers, the DC, or if she should follow Kasabian, the mysterious fellow who seems to have escaped his demon? Something is stalking Lori, waiting to harvest her. Can she control her burgeoning demonic powers in time to find out what’s going on? Can she escape it?

K. C. Finn’s Fallow Heart is a solid supernatural story with some really nifty ideas. The concept of people being infected by demons, like it’s a cousin to lycanthropy, is particularly cool. Plus I like the idea of the various groups that are trying to deal with the demon problem.

That said, Fallow Heart is very focused in on its protagonist, so let’s talk about Lori.  A lot of the early stuff in the book involves Lori being bothered by the fact that she’s over weight, it affects her self esteem deeply.  She thinks of herself as being ugly a number of times. This is, in fact, something that one of the murder victims uses when he’s bullying her. It’s something mentioned in the blurb and I admit that I was concerned that it would be over used, but Finn did a really good job with it. It isn’t a constant thing, but does crop up when Lori is already second guessing herself. It isn’t the sole non-demon issue Lori has, and it doesn’t eclipse the other issues. It does make the bits where she’s clever and resourceful or confident, feel more solid. The balance makes Lori feel more real.

The flip side of the focus on our protagonist is that since Lori is out of her depth things can feel confusing or disjointed. We’re introduced to everything from Lori’s point of view and follow things with her biases. So if she isn’t interested in or can’t follow up on something, that’s not going to be explored. I’m hoping that a lot of what was introduced here will be built on in later books.

There’s some really good horror elements here. Finn does an excellent job with atmosphere. There’s this really good emotional feel for some of the places, a low creeping fear. I’m hoping for more of that too.

Honestly, the only thing I have an issue with is the ending. I’m not going to go into spoilers. It was just something that’s fairly common to stories that are billed similarly to Fallow Heart that I really hoped wasn’t going to be the end point. A thoroughly expected disappointment if you will.

So overall, I’m left with a really positive experience with Fallow Heart. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the series and reading K. C. Finn again. It does lose a little for the ending just because I feel like more could have been done there within the theme. That leaves Fallow Heart with a four out of five. Check it out if you get the chance.

House Keeping 3/19/19

Alright, working on getting back to a regular schedule. I’ve finished the book I’ve been dragging my feet on. I’ve got my notes for the review jotted down. Now I’ve just got to stitch it all together and get a finished review out of it.

Nothing to worry about.

Any thoughts on the dice review? I had a lot of fun with that and definitely plan on doing more of those. Some for new sets, some for sets that I’ve already got, I feel like it’s going to be a nifty mix of things.

Plus it gives me an excuse to ramble about the shiny things.

I’m also planning on doing some test rolls with that set and posting that to Youtube. It’s a little goofy, but I feel like it’s easier to show how well a set of dice roll than it is to just say it.

I’m feeling good about getting things done just now. Going to try and get more work done on other projects I’ve talked about here. Trying to stop being all talk and get things done.

That said, we didn’t have D&D this past Friday, so I don’t have another entry for Sunshine’s journal. I do have a couple of ideas for a Thursday post despite that. One is part of something I’ve been dragging my feet on the last couple of months. The other is doing a little coverage of the game we did run on Friday. I haven’t done enough with it for a full review of the system, but I can roll through a little of it.

So, yeah, current goals are to get some of the things that I’ve talked about here recently done. That’s the “And Another Thing” articles, the reviews I’ve been twiddling my thumbs on, the box opening videos for the January and February Second Star Books boxes, and the reviews for those boxes as well. I’m really wanting to get those videos done, since that’s going to give me some experience with the video editing software I’ve got. They may not be timely, but I think it’ll be worth it for the chance to fiddle around with the software.

And that’s about it!

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. Especially once I’ve got some of this stuff going up on a semi-regular basis, it’ll be good to see what people like or dislike. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. In either case, have a great rest of the week!

Acrylic Mystery Dice Set

Alright, kicking off the week with a new thing. This is largely because I’m excited about the dice having arrived, but also because I’m still kind of giddy about being accepted to Dice Envy’s affiliate program. You can follow my link to them here. On to the dice!

March Mystery Dice Bag

So, the first thing that struck me with the mystery acrylic dice set was that rather than coming in the paper bag shown on the Dice Envy website the dice came in this nice sort of velvety dice bag. It’s a nice touch and feels like a bonus just based on my initial expectations.

Then we get to the dice themselves and my camera doesn’t do these justice.

March Mystery Dice

I’m pretty sure that the set I received was the Kosmos Mars set. They have this really fantastic sort of pomegranate red color that’s shot through with glitter that winds up looking like sparks. There are also a few inclusions of what’s either a darker red or black that leads to some really nice light play within the dice itself. In my set this shows up best in the d4 and the d6, but they’ve all got it.

March Mystery Dice CU

These dice are also really nice for rolling, the numbers are well done and clearly inked which makes them easy to read from a distance. Always important, since dice occasionally fly during game night. They also, just from playing around with them today, seem well balanced with no tendency to get hooked on certain numbers.

Final word here? I’m more than a little happy with this set of dice and left wanting to roll up a new character to use them with. I’m also left tempted to order another of the mystery dice sets, just because the concept excites me. So, yeah, I’m all about these five out of five.

1st of Spring, Year 256


Right, right, right, right!

The new batch of adventurers should be arriving today with the new caravan. I know they’re going to have job jobs, but it’ll help having other around to keep things safe for the civilians living here.

Caskfire’s coming along alright, basic, but alright. It’ll be nice for it to start growing more, especially if that means we can start getting personal quarters. Or at least some work space that doesn’t double as a table at the inn. Soon enough on that I guess. Maybe with better security we could attract some artisans. That’d be nice.

Churt doesn’t seem too happy about this lot, but Churt never seems happy about anything. Well, money aside. It does leave me hoping that I’ll at least get along with them. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Fighting off the Goblin hordes with companions I couldn’t stand? As long as they keep the fortress safe though, I’ll need to work with them.

That’s right! I heard that one of them is supposed to be a librarian and that they’re bringing some books with them. A library could be really nice, there isn’t a lot to do here aside from working and drinking  as of yet. We would still need to set it up in the inn, but still, there should be space. And one of the other new comers is supposed to be a bard, so that should be something else to make Caskfire feel more like home.

More later though, I’ve got to finish getting ready. They’ll be here soon!


1st of Spring, Year 256

Things could have gone worse?

I don’t know that this is going to work. The warlock and the bard seem fine, personable, willing to communicate, willing to wait on the rest of the group. That’s great, I can’t wait to work with them. I can’t wait to try more of Eclair’s baking.

The half-elf though. She doesn’t seem like she’s going to be willing to work with the rest of the party. Charged right past where I was having the adventurers group up to be filled in on things before meeting with Churt for the first time, didn’t even stop for hello, and when we got to the inn she had her feet on the table. On the table! People eat there! But no, no, never mind that, put your gross boots right where the plates go.

Also our new librarian, Chonck, seems nice enough. But he’s also near completely illiterate and won’t be separated from the books he brought with him. The books he brought with him in a massive sack. At least he stopped trying to take any other books he saw after being warned about Churt’s ledger. Maybe we can teach him to read once things have settled a bit?

We’re going to go scouting the area around the Yoyabo Goblin pit tomorrow. Wish us luck.

We’re going to need it I think.


2nd Spring, Year 256

Things went better than expected. I saw some of what the new team is capable of when we ran into a small Goblin patrol. I got around to the far side of them and took two out before they could close on the party. Not my smartest plan given that it got me stabbed, but it gave me a good vantage on what the others did.

It looks like the half-elf and the warlock both have some kind of attack spell, though since they both missed I’ve got no idea what they do. The bard though, Azurei might scare me a little, since she pulped the Goblins I didn’t get all at once, weapons and all.

It also seems that she and the half-elf have healing abilities. Not unexpected, but good to confirm and useful to keep around.

And our warlock, Eclair, seems to need to sacrifice organs from defeated enemies to her patron in addition to baked goods. Definitely worth keeping in mind. What kind of being is her patron that it would have such requirements? She doesn’t seem willing to talk about it.

I’ll worry about that later. On a more immediate note, we found a Goblin encampment. It looked like there was forty of them, maybe as many as fifty, maybe more. It’s close enough to be a serious concern. So we’ll need to pull from the fortress’ militia. Probably need to run some drills with them to make sure the adventurers know how to work with and around them.

Probably won’t have the chance to update until this is taken care of. Going to need to keep an eye on that encampment and the militia drills. Hope the half-elf doesn’t take a wagon out and draw every Goblin in the woods to our front door.

House Keeping 3/13/19

I’ve got boundless amounts of nothing going on. Some applications in for jobs, some ground work laid to get back to school, lots of hurry up and wait.

Boundless amounts of nothing and it feels like it’s stretching out into forever. That’s clearly not the actual case, I mean, I’ve got another con coming up in June, there’s a potential gig I’m hoping to hear back about for tomorrow night, and there’s always Friday night game night. Things are happening all the time, I just need to get myself grounded in them.

So, on to more relevant things.

Review is still coming eventually, I’m just going to make myself sit down and finish it. This is absolutely not a reflection of the writing’s quality, I’m actually really enjoying the writing, it’s just a matter of getting myself to start doing anything.

Much like the review, reviews for the January and February Second Star Books boxes are also still coming, same for the box opening videos. Same reasoning/excuse there.

I’ve got a couple of article’s partially written, I’m wanting to go back and finish those and polish them up.

And new stuff!

Since I’m not DMing the current campaign for my game group, I’m going to be keeping an in-character journal for my character. So I figure I’ll post that up here once a week, I’ll probably schedule it for Thursdays so that I have time to clean it up a bit. It’s not going to be a blow by blow of things, so much as a retelling of the important bits. It should be fun and, of course, if folks have any questions I can always clarify things.

Related to that, I’m excited to announce that I’ve been accepted into Dice Envy’s affiliate program. I actually ordered one of their mystery dice bags before I found out I’d been accepted, so I’m really looking forward to showing those off. You can follow my link here to the site, I’ll include more about it when I show off the dice mystery bag early next week.

That’s about it for now. Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. In any case, enjoy the rest of the week!

All right, guest post time! Today we’ve got a list of five reasons why you should read Armour Piercing, right from the author! Enjoy!

  1. Timing! The number of us that lived through the first Cold War, or at least a good part of it will remember The Cuban Crisis and how close that brought us to the brink of a Third World War…. We are nowhere near that at the moment, hopefully, but the sabre rattling has started. Alleged interference in Western elections by Russia, the assassination (and attempts) of ex-Russian defectors et, US v North Korea relations, all are raising the temperature of International East-West politics… This book gives a hint of what a return to those days could bring.
  1. If you like the genre, then it ticks the boxes. Lots of action, twists and turns. It switches from hunted to hunter and back again. You will want to keep going … you won’t find an easy place to put it down…
  1. Locality features – If you know East Warwickshire, Northampton, Rugby, Oxfordshire, Rutland or Stamford and parts of Lincolnshire, you will be able to follow the action closely with local knowledge. A reader will feel a part of the action. I also draw heavily on my experience in the newspaper industry, which I know a lot of ex-colleagues will find interesting.
  1. There’s a very special connection, a person known to you all, that I won’t reveal who it is to non-readers of the book… Intrigued, you will be!
  1. It’s a damn good read!!!

PA v2.3

A defecting Russian space scientist, awaiting debrief, is in a Warwickshire safe house that comes under attack by an assassination squad. He escapes with plans for a conspiracy involving key members of secret services across the Western world. The only person he knows in the UK, or could possibly trust, is Pete Armour, the man who was to be his de-briefer. Killed before he can reach safety, he has hidden the secret papers where only Armour could ever find them. Armour becomes the target when he and a female newspaper reporter find themselves thrust together and on the run from at least two secret service agencies and British Intelligence, who seem more hell bent on killing him than helping him. And there is a price to pay. There’s always a price to pay. This is the first of the Armour trilogy. A gripping read. Fast-paced, a thriller packed with action, twists and turns.

Find it at: Goodreads   Amazon


Author Information

Peter Aengenheister was born in Amersham, Bucks. At the age of 18, Peter became a trainee reporter at weekly The Bucks Herald in Aylesbury and the Buckingham Advertiser. Over the next three decades, Peter worked as a reporter, News Editor, Sub Editor and Editor. He worked at The Chronicle and Echo for nine years, and edited the Daventry Express and Rugby Advertiser for nine years a piece.

He then left journalism to work as a fully trained clinical hypno-therapist. Since then, with one of his colleagues, he set up a business selling LED lighting to the industrial and commercial sector. Despite writing stories on a daily basis during his 36 years in journalism, ARMOUR PIERCING is his debut novel.


As mentioned yesterday, my stop on the Armour Piercing blog tour is up tomorrow. That’s going to be an author guest post, so definitely stop by and check that out if you’ve got the chance.

Still dragging along on finishing that book, but I have something that might help light a fire under my butt for it.

There’s this horror youtuber, Nick Nocturn, who’s started a reading challenge for House of Leaves leading up to him talking about it on his channel. I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read since something like 2012, so it’s not one that I’ve been super chomping at the bit to read but it is something that I’d really wanted to cover for Halloween or something. That especially back when Slenderman was a bigger thing in my corner of the internet. I’m like six days behind on this, so I’m probably not going to complete the challenge on time, but I figure that it’s something I’ve wanted to read and I’m not going to let myself start on it until I’ve finished the book I’m on now.

I don’t have a lot else to talk on this week, so let’s end it here.

Standard stuff then, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. Or, if you really like what I’m doing here, you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. In either case, have a great rest of the week!

Armour Piercing Blog Tour

Hey all, I’m running a little behind on getting this posted up, but check it out! New blog tour and a ton of nifty blogs to check out along the way. Give them a look, there should be plenty of nifty posts up. Speaking of, the house keeping post for the week will be up tomorrow.

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